The gambling industry is on the rise, and the number of online players is growing every minute – but only passionate players still prefer physical machines instead of settling for its fade electronic version.

Although the market is currently focused on the development of electronic games, Atronic still insists on developing the actual machines.

You will be able to recognize Atronic machines because of their size. Instead of building heavy machinery, the Atronic team is developing compact machines that are moved by clever software.

Atronic has a huge fan base exactly for that reason – they insist on staying with that classic, timeless design. Players who spend most of their life following the development of this industry know that nothing can replace traditional symbols and gameplay that were used in the beginning.

As we mentioned, the Atronic team is not too crazy about innovation, but when they get out of their comfort zone, they do it right. The most popular Atronic game that breathes the new age and technology innovation is Big Easy 100. Playing it is like visiting New Orleans and listening to jazz.

As far as our collection goes, we decided to make King Kong Cash a permanent part of it. If you want to taste true quality, try out this slot game and see what a world class standard is.

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