Casino Technology

Casino technology became a world renewed company once they launched what turned out to be their most popular game – Mega Jack. It is not a coincidence that their slot game can be found in our casinos.

This brand took a rightfully deserved place in the industry after they developed a line of widely accepted slot games that now can be found in more than fifteen countries worldwide. Casino technology will soon celebrate twenty years of existence.

This company is not known only for its contribution to the gambling industry, but also by their charity work. Because of their contribution, many educational organizations prospered. Interestingly enough, they are also a green company.

Considering the fact that they have been collecting knowledge for two decades, the Casino Technology team possesses valuable insights when it comes to developing slot games. Talent, user experience researches and technological innovations stand behind their games.

Other than Mega Jack, you will encounter another Casino Technology slot game in Spin casinos – it is a jewel from Aurora collection. Both of these games are highly interactive and very likable – they will undoubtedly keep you entertained.

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