Our priority is to collect only the most valuable machines in our casinos. For a company to become a part of our partnership, it is necessary that it meets our demanding list of criteria that we managed to develop thanks to many years of experience.

Fazi is a company that managed to meet every single one – they are what we would call an ideal partner. They have been producing games of chance since 1991, and they managed to make their way and reach the top of the industry.

Each of their machines belongs to the latest generation of technology. Their products are more than welcome in over twenty countries worldwide – we are proud that Fazi is a part of our collection.

When it comes to electronic roulettes, their work is amazing. 

Fazi’s machines are compact, so they can fit into practically any space, their software is highly functional so there are no disturbances whatsoever, and their design is engaging and interactive.

If you are a fan of games of chance, you should definitely try products coming from this brand.

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