King Kong Cash

The chances that you are familiar with the story of King Kong, the gorilla that was forcefully taken away from its home so as to be presented to the world as a gigantic world miracle, are high. The story of this great animal touched the hearts of many and entered many scenarios – it even became the theme of a slot machine.

King Kong Cash is the slot machine formed in five reels. It was designed in such a way to offer twenty ways of earning money. Naturally, for the game to be as colorful and as similar to the original story, the reels had to be made of bamboo tree, while there are tropical trees, mystical ruins in the background too, as well as the main reason why you are seated at this machine- the treasure.

Symbols that should be remembered:

A few symbols may bring the treasure you are impatiently waiting for after each bet, so you should pay special attention to them.

The symbol that represents the logo of this machine slot’s company is usually inevitable. In this case, it is the blueprint gaming. All the other valuable symbols are in the form of an animal: a parrot, a tiger, a rhinoceros, a crocodile, and they may bring you an award.

Less valuable but also important are the well-known symbols: the jack, the queen, the king and the ace. Although they cannot win important awards for you, you may benefit from them.

The barrel is equivalent to what the joker stands for in cards – it replaces any of the symbols so as to bring the winning combination. The slot machine of such design offers far more than the mere rolling of the reels that you are used to. King Kong Cash invites you to join the adventure!

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