It is widely known that Novomatic is a titan company in the gambling industry. This huge company has over thirty thousand employees scattered worldwide, their machines can be found in over fifty different countries, and they possess over two thousand objects.

These numbers are fascinating and they prove the greatness of this company. Considering the fact Novomatic exists since 1980, it is no wonder that people behind this name managed to achieve such success.

If you are a passionate fan of slot machines, we sincerely advise you to visit the official Novomatic website and check out the virtual tour of their headquarters.

After almost four decades of existence, the Novomatic team launched exactly 342 games.

Novomatic is a world-renowned brand and their games are an absolute must-have. You can play two of their slot games in our casinos.

We decided that Gaminator, that comes in the original and V+ version, as well as one machine that is from Impera collection are a necessity.

The Spin team encourages you to check them out.

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