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We decided that Gaminator, that comes in the original and V+ version, as well as one machine that is from Impera collection are a necessity.

The Spin team encourages you to check them out.

Because of their contribution to this industry, EGT machines needed to be a part of our collection. The next time you find yourself in one of Spin casinos, pay special attention to Vega Version – it is coming from their Premier-Collection line.

True fans of slot machines often go for a classic, timeless design. Usually, this group does not have a lot to choose from, but that is not the case with Merkur – you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. 

Other than Mega Jack, you will encounter another Casino Technology slot game in Spin casinos – it is a jewel from Aurora collection. Both of these games are highly interactive and very likable – they will undoubtedly keep you entertained.

Each of their machines belongs to the latest generation of technology. Their products are more than welcome in over twenty countries worldwide – we are proud that Fazi is a part of our collection.

As far as our collection goes, we decided to make King Kong Cash a permanent part of it. If you want to taste true quality, try out this slot game and see what a world class standard is.

If you just look at one of Apex slot games, you will see what kind of technology is in question. Curved screens and HD are highly relevant factors that affect the user experience – undoubtedly, this ambitious team is able to surpass all expectations.

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