One of our fourteen casinos is located at the beginning of the Nemanjić Boulevard. We made sure that the Spin brand is always in your close vicinity.

This particular Spin casino is designed for a special type of guests who prefer a quiet, calm atmosphere in which they can direct their full attention to their favorite game while enjoying their privacy.


If this sounds like something you would enjoy, check out the list of slot games located in our casino:

  •    Impera (Novomatic),
  •    Premier-Collection (Novomatic),
  •    Merkur,
  •    and Mega Jack (Casino Technology).

Each of our casinos is equipped with contemporary slot games that belong to the latest generation of technology.

If you have never visited a casino before, and if this kind of entertainment is a complete novelty to you, we recommend that you visit exactly this casino – our staff will supply you with every piece of information you find necessary.

One more thing – drinks are on the house. That goes for all fourteen casinos that together make the Spin chain.

We are expecting you.

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