In the very center of Niš, at the spot where all the roads of our city lead, you can find the crown jewel of our casino chain.

This Spin casino, located in the Obrenović Street, in the Kalča shopping centar, is designed to breathe with the spirit of the gambling world capital – the great Las Vegas.

The main reason why this casino is considered the most prestigious one is because of its machinery. You will be able to find a list of highly popular games, such as:

  •    Impera (Novomatic),
  •    V+ (Novomatic),
  •    Cobra (Novomatic),
  •    Premier- Collection (EGT),
  •    Merkur HD,
  •    Mega Jack (Casino Technology),
  •    and Aurora (Casino Technology).

Each of the slots above is designed in accordance with the latest word of technology. Close attention has been paid to designing their gameplay, characters, and symbols. They are there for your entertainment and, more importantly – to bring you cash prizes.

If slots are not your cup of tea, you can have some fun with Fazi Optimum instead, our roulette table, and fill your night with excitement.

Our guests know that we have a deep respect for their privacy – it is one of the reasons why they keep returning to our venues.

You should also know that all payouts happen instantaneously. You can collect your entire prize just a couple of minutes after you win it.

We are expecting you.

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