People who live in the Marger neighborhood know how to entertain themselves – that is why they often visit our casino located in the 10, Episkopska Street.

If you have never visited any of our casinos, for starters you should know that our offer stands out because of a diversity of slot games we provide. In this particular casino, you can find the following list of slots:

  •    Gaminator (Novomatic),
  •    Impera (Novomatic),
  •    Premier-Collection (EGT),
  •    Mega Jack (Casino Technology),
  •    and Apex.

We also suggest that you try your luck at the roulette table. A good company, great atmosphere and our professional staff will undoubtedly turn your night into an unforgettable one.

One more thing – we have tremendous respect for your privacy. Furthermore, our casino policy states that all payouts occur immediately after a guest claims a win, regardless of the amount of money in question. You will be able to enjoy your prize seconds after you win it.

We are expecting you.

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